Friday, October 27, 2006

Why my friend Fatima is a legend!

This letter is at the top of The Age letters section today... Well said girl.

Why he must go

DEAR Sheikh Hilali. As a young Muslim woman, I have had to deal with the ubiquitous news reports that misquote Islam. I avoid trying to "make people understand" because I find reassurance in the belief that negative comments come from those who do not understand Islam. However, I am deeply angered by your views, on one level because they are out of touch with even the most Neanderthal society; on another because they come from a man holding a high position. How sad that you used your platform to preach these ideas. How useless that you hid behind the Arabic language and used a translator to give a different meaning to your words. Those who speak Arabic cringed at this disgusting ploy. Muslims face enough discrimination and misunderstanding. They need positive role models. You are not such a leader, and must resign immediately.

Fatima Abdullatif, Balwyn North


Rebecca said...

hey, keep Fatima and others like Waleed in your thoughts and prayers - I know that Waleed's copping it big time from people in the Muslim community, and I bet Fatima is too. :)

Rebecca said...

jess - more good letters here!